Creeping Clouds ~ Spain

Pink weird shaped clouds creeping over the Atlantic Ocean at the end of the Camino de Santiago in Cabo Finisterra, Spain

While many pilgrims were gathered on the last standing rock in Cabo Finisterra, watching the sun set over the Atlantic Ocean, I turned around and noticed those clouds creeping from behind.
I climbed a few rocks further away to take a nice shot without many people showing up. An old woman was sitting there alone watching silently.

It’s going to rain tomorrow“.

I looked at her with a smile and said: “Do you think so?
She raised a finger towards the clouds and replied: “When the clouds are creeping in the sky like this, it means it’s going to rain the next day“.

I thanked her and went back to join my friends. The next day, it rained heavily for hours till late at night.
And so far, everytime I see these clouds, I remember the old lady, and what she told me has yet to be proven wrong!

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