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Autumn Leaves ~ Paris

Autumn leaves floating in a small fountain pond in the Jardin de Luxembourg in Paris, France.

Autumn leaves.. We don’t have that in Thailand. And I didn’t have it when I lived in Abu Dhabi. Autumn is a mysterious season to me, a season I look forward to experience again in the future.
Here’s a little Autumn poem I found from an unknown author.

I want an end like autumn leaves
That gracefully depart the tree
A Life beyond the edge of branch
My season reached, a freedom’s chance.

To drift upon a breeze refined
Descending toward my Life’s design.
To welcome all these changes sown
From light received to splendor shown.

And when I’ve reached my place of rest
I hope my life, by then shines best.
As I depart this withered shell
With peaceful colors chosen well.

Photo was taken in Paris, in the Jardin de Luxembourg, one of my favorite gardens in the French capital.

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  • http://www.goseewrite.com/ Michael Hodson

    My comments on your page are getting a little monotanous… great shot, lovely framing, really interesting POV.

    Get used to it – or take worse photos.

    • http://www.canvas-of-light.com Daniel Nahabedian

      Haha! Thanks a lot Michael :)
      I’ll try my worst.

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