Peacock portrait ~ Chiang Mai

A portrait of a peacock in the Chiang Mai zoo in Thailand.


What bird is more majestic than the peacock? I had the opportunity to meet one beak to face and take a nice portrait while visiting the Chiang Mai Zoo in Thailand.

Trivia: Peacock is the name given to the male, while females are called “peahens“. They belong to the Peafowl family. Also did you know that Peahens give eggs with a blue yolk?

The so-called “tail” (it’s not really a tail, it’s a cover of feathers, the tail is under the feathers) is called a “train“. The male flares out its train to attract the attention of the females.

I just love that intense blue!

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Michael Hodson

The Rule of Thirds. The color. Filling the entire shot. Damn it, Daniel. You are annoying the crap out of me with all these incredible shots!! ;)


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