Katam Corner ~ Chiang Mai

Katam corner in Chiang Mai Thailand

One of Chiang Mai’s major attractions is its “Old City”. Built some 700 years ago, it was once an entirely walled square surrounded by a moat. Today, it is one of the rare cities in Thailand where the old surrounding brick wall is almost intact, especially on the corners with their walkways and arrow slits.

There are five gates around the city with the most famous one being the Tha Phae Gate, entirely reconstructed in the 1980s to give an idea of what the walls once looked like. Tha Phae gate is now pedestrianized and is part of the “Sunday walking night market” every weekend.

This photo here is the “Katam Corner“, one of the corners of the Old City (South-Eastern corner), and it happens to be right in front of the apartment we are renting. The wall is clearly visible surrounded by the moat.

It is truly a beautiful old city.

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