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Crying Deva ~ Chiang Mai

A crying deva statue on a Thai temple wall in Chiang Mai thailand

A Deva in Buddhism is non-human being that shares characteristics with humans but they are far more powerful (they can fly and all) and live much longer (thousands of years). They are the closest to what the western cultures call “angels”. They are invisible to the human eye and can only be seen by people with extra-sensory powers.

Deva statues are often seen guarding and praying in temples in Thailand. I saw this one in Chiang Mai and it caught my attention. It had a black tear mark on its face as if it was crying.

So I just wondered.. Why?

(Note: Apologies to my Thai and Buddhist friends if the information is wrong. I asked a monk who told me it was called a Deva, please do correct if I am wrong.)

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